Wednesday, April 05, 2006

More IR Rubbish

Why on earth should you need a medical certificate for sick leave days?

Surely, once you are entitled to sick leave, rightly or wrongly, you can take it for whatever reason you want. If a person has an ailment that is too crap to go to work with, but not really a big deal, why should an employer force them to bear the cost (physical, financial and time) of getting a medical certificate?

I am not saying that sick leave entitlements are rightly or wrongly granted by IR legislation. What I am saying is that once you have that time available as leave, if you choose to go surfing and use up all your sick leave, then get sick, well tough bikkies, you just don’t get paid. If you are constantly away without pay and without a medical reason, there is no reason why you should keep your job. However, the incentive to go to work when you are not sick is there – should you get sick, you lose your wage.

Likewise, if you hack it and go to work when you are sick, you can cash out your sick leave (can’t you? I’m happy to be corrected on this one).

In short, you are entitled to X days sick leave per year. Take them and get paid for those X days and nothing else, or don’t take them and either accrue them for when you are REALLY sick, or cash them out at some appropriate time. Requiring that you get a medical certificate is simply a waste of everybody’s time and money.


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