Monday, April 10, 2006

Incompetent Or Lying? Is It Even Relevant?

I don’t care how limited Mark Vaile’s knowledge of AWB dealings was.

If he, as trade minister, didn’t see all these cables that were flying around, he was asleep at the wheel and must be the most incompetent department head ever, except for Alexander Downer.

I don’t like this government, but I don’t believe they are incompetent either. In fact, they are almost too competent. Therefore, they are either not nearly as good at government as they make out, in which case they are not fit to run a country, or else they are lying dirtbags, in which case they are not fit to run a country.

End of story.


Blogger Dash Brannigan said...

There is a great quote about something like this in Yes Minister. If you are a good chap and you cock things up people will rally around you. If you’re clever they never need find out. Sir Humphrey, what a sage.

However, I have to ask an economists question about this and the government in general, As compared to what? What’s the alternative? Labour? Doubtful, they really don’t deserve to run the country, how bad can you be to have all these screw ups by the government and still be so far behind?

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