Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sony in the Crap Again

I am writing a tute paper at the same time as these posts, so apologies for the lack of links.

Sony really is in the doldrums lately. Firstly, it lost the Sony –v- Stevens case, the High Court holding that modchipping, or inserting a chip which overrides the piracy protection in a PlayStation console, was not a ‘technical protection measure’ (trust me). People can, basically, modchip away.

Now, they seem to be in a bit of poo for infringing a patent held partly by Nintendo. The patent seems to cover parts of the PlayStation’s controllers. Ouch. They are talking of pulling PS2s off the shelves, as of now. So, if you want one, and haven’t got one, hop to it.

Further, ‘technical hitches’ will delay the release of the PS3, because of problems with their new BluRay technology.

A word of advice? Pack up and go home, fellas. Uncle Microsoft is going to smack you down.


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