Monday, March 06, 2006

His Honour the Wuss

Reading High Court transcripts is one of those things I always mean to do, and really should do more often.

However, there are only two reasons why one would do so. Firstly, to find out what the arguments were in a particular case, and why this may have led to the particular findings. Secondly, because High Court judges are, in fact, bloody funny old people who say some wildly funny stuff.

The first case is easy. If you have the findings, generally you can work backwards to the argument. The second case is dealt with routinely by David Starkoff, who has the wonderful knack of finding out when Kirby J asks what a wuss is, and McHugh tells him ‘It is you when you drink only one glass of beer’. Apparently, that wouldn’t make Mr. Hardhead Kirby fall out of the window.

Or the apparently immortal discussion by Hayne J of the ‘new’ phrase ‘well and truly hammered’.

If you are even a small law geek, they are just too funny to miss.


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