Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bail Problems

Simon Overland, the cop in charge of Purana (the underworld operation) wants a streamlining of the bail system.

Essentially, the delays involved in criminal proceedings allow a judge to justify granting bail to defendants. For example, if you can’t expect your case to be heard for six months, the Crown finds it very difficult to sustain an argument that bail should be denied.

If we got these cases moving through the system so that it was only a month or two, maybe judges will be less willing to grant bail, which might prevent the Tony Mokbel’s of this world skipping the country.

Seriously, why should a defendant such as Tony Mokbel be allowed a 24 hour head start on the police? The poor coppers are doing a great job at the moment, in my opinion, and there must be nothing more irritating than working your butt off to get a Carl Williams, Mick Gatto or Tony Mokbel charged, only to see them allowed back on to the streets until trial. [Although I must admit – I think Gatto was denied bail. Anyone?]

It must be even more galling when the conditions of bail are so lax that a defendant can skip the country without anybody noticing.


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