Saturday, December 17, 2005

Moral Dilemma alright

Everyone really should read Mirko Bagaric's special brand of rubbish.

His latest article begins with this paragraph:

'The Federal Government mercifully rammed the counter-terrorism laws through parliament recently. This will hopefully put an end to the tiresome ‘anti-democratic’ alarmist criticisms of the laws that have been pervaded by lawyer groups, civil libertarians and other ‘smarts’.'

It only gets better from there. Almost every sentence is simply his assertion, not backed by substantive proof. What is worse is that he is the Head of the Deakin Law School, which surely bodes well for budding students of Law at Deakin. If this is the crap they are being fed, I hope I never have to have lunch with them.


Blogger Dash Brannigan said...

Given the subject matter that is being dealt with I would say it is rather difficult to offer substantive proof. Since situations and consequences which are being talked about are hypothetical and stylized. However in talking and commenting about these things I would say it is the student of history and not a lawyer who is best equipped to comment.

Still I find it funny that the head of Deakin Law does not consider himself a “smart”.

11:38 am  
Blogger Not my real name said...

Students of law should be students of history. So should everybody.

I heard somewhere recently there has been a deliberate policy of watering down the history that is taught to schoolkids, so they 'don't know' what has happened in the past.

This would make sense, as it means race rioters don't understand that is how Nazism started, and that unions arose around the same time as kids were dying down coal mines.

If we all studied history properly as we should, then we might actually learn from past mistakes, rather than recycling them every 70 odd years.

2:29 pm  
Blogger Dash Brannigan said...

I agree with you in part as usual. I agree that people aren't learning enough from history (or just enough history period). This is where the REAL Satan in our society lies. It is the consistent systematic lowering of standards. In thinking, learning, entertainment and morality. This is where the Devil dances. And he's dancing hand in hand with Brittney Spears and Education Ministers.

Now as for you assertion that Nazism started with race riots. No it didn’t.
Two main things you need to know about to understand how Nazi came about; The Treaty of Versailles and Karl Jung. The treaty of Versailles and it’s consequences to understand how the conditions came about to breed Nazism. Karl Jung to understand about projection of the shadow not just in individuals but in societies.

As for you comment about trade unions and children dying in mines. Afraid not, unions began at the industrial revolution (although they had been around in the form of Guilds for many years before that). Unions are what Galbraith called a countervailing power redressing the power imbalance between master and servants. Even Adam Smith noted this in The Wealth of Nation. Children had been dying in mines since the dawn of mining (which is about the Bronze Age). I mean they’re children, they’re small, can fit into little places, make good miners.

More stuff to come on my blog… This is what Holmes would call a Two Pipe Problem

4:11 pm  
Blogger Not my real name said...

I really should be more careful when I say things like that, I forget who is watching!

I guess what I mean is that general conditions within a society have particular outcomes. In terms of Nazism, the prevailing conditions spawned racial hatred. Something similar is happening here, whereby ignorant people are fed rubbish about terrorism and 'darkies' which stirs these kinds of conditions.

Again, you are more correct and more specific about unions. However, my point was that the conditions which caused suffering and phyiscal injury, as well as poverty for many, allowed the union movement to flourish. Yes, there were guilds etc, but they were more geared towards exclusion of outside producers than protection of workers' rights.

So, if we all studied the Industrial Revolution as 10 year olds, then we might as 50 year olds understand why it is not a good idea to destroy workers' rights as in the new IR regime. They were created for very good reason.

Looking forward to your post.

4:24 pm  

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