Thursday, November 03, 2005

Our Happy New Anti-Terror Laws

Yes, I'm busy at the moment. But not too busy to take a quick peek at our new anti-terror legislation, due to be rammed through Parliament any day now, come hell or high water. I just thought I should point out a few little tidbits to make you all feel safer.

1. When giving money to an organisation, it is now an offence to be 'reckless' in whether that organisation will use the money for financing terrorism. 'Reckless', in legal terms, is a very murky little word. NOTE TO SELF - DO NOT LOAD UP THE CREDIT CARD DONATING TO WORLD VISION. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO THEY MIGHT HELP.

These provisions apply even if the funds are not to be used in any specific terrorist attack. You give money to an organisation, they Govt decides they MIGHT use it for terrorism, BANG! You are up for LIFETIME IMPRISONMENT.

2. Preventative detention orders - I am not going to comment too much suffice to say that once detained, you can contact one person, but cannot tell them why you are being detained or by whom. Further, you can contact your lawyer solely for the purpose of ascertaining your rights under the detention order or your treatment under the order and to advise your lawyer about acting. The Bill says nothing about actually receiving assistance from your lawyer, just 'advice'.

Such contact can be monitored by the AFP.

If you disclose that a detention order has been made against you, or that you are being detained, or the period you are being detained during the period of the detention, you might face 5 years in jail. IF I RANG MY GIRLFRIEND AND SAID 'HEY SWEETIE, CAN'T COME HOME FOR A COUPLE OF WEEKS - HOPE YOU DON'T MIND', SHE WOULD BE PISSED.

The same restrictions apply to the lawyer for the person.

3. There is a new defintion of 'seditious intention', for the purposes of the federal Crimes Act. One now has a seditious intention where they (1) bring the Sovereign into hatred or contempt (SO DON'T LAUGH AT PRINCE CHARLES. Or, by the way, nudge nudge Amanda Vanstone, DON'T CALL THE MONARCH 'SWEATY BETTY' LIKE YOU DID RECENTLY AT THE MALVERN RSL.) Hatred or contempt?? Come on! As says, they do it themselves.

Also, you are being seditious where you 'urge disaffection' against (i) the Constitution (having studied it for an entire year, I myself feel disaffected by it. If I tell all my friends what a crap subject it is, does that count?), (ii) the Government of the Commonwealth (because if there was ever an organisation which did not deserve some urging of disaffection, that is it. I guess that might shut up Rau and Solon) or (iii) either House of Parliament (well, I guess I can't hang it on Wilson Tuckey any more. Or Reverend Tony Abbott. Or Uncle Johnny. Or Fat Kim. Or BLOODY ANYBODY.)

Again, as crikey points out, what about the Republicans? Are they going to nail Malcolm Turnbull? Eddie McGuire? Me? Maybe that was just Peter Costello's way of getting rid of Malcolm for a while. Well, 14 days at least.



Blogger Dash Brannigan said...

I find it interesting that when we talk about civil liberties no one talks about how much we are taxed.

Kinda missing a big part of the game on that one I think! On one hand we have the right to a fair trial on the other we have some percentage of slavery (depending on how much you earn)

Just a thought!

11:33 pm  
Blogger Not my real name said...

Of course we are over taxed you wally. Sorry, Dash, but life is not all about money. In fact, it is completely irrelevant to the issue I posted about.

Whine about tax somewhere else!

I will whine here - we are the 2nd (3rd?? something) highest taxed country in the world. Yes, we are over taxed. But I am worried about anti-terror laws at the moment.

And to equate tax with slavery is outrageous and insulting. Try telling that to people who have been or are affected by slavery. I bet they would swap it for having to pay a bit of GST.

2:10 am  
Blogger Blogic said...

Yes, quite. I'm sure people held in 'preventative detention' will be thinking about how much tax they're paying, and not about whether they'll ever see daylight again. Taxation is much more upsetting than anything else.

Although, I don't remember Solzhenitsyn writing about the GST Archipelago, or One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, CPA. Never mind the gulags, how am I going to fill in my business activity statement?!

I can't say any more. My head is about to explode from hyperbole and irrelevance.

(Well put, anyway, 'Not my real name'.)

5:32 pm  

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