Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Applicant 226/2003

I will stop banging on about this, but now that I know to look for unrepresented clients, such as in this case, my question changes from 'why are lawyers bringing these stupid appeals' to 'why are they letting people self-represent and argue about Constitutional writs?'

Now, I must say I did ok in Con & Admin. I had a fail for the first 50pc of the course and ended up with a 67. By my reckoning, that is a bloody good exam. I am ok at writs.

However, I wouldn't dream of trying to convince Conti J that such a writ should/not be granted in open court. So, we have to ask why this is happening. My answer is because people have to. We have reduced the ability of persecuted people to stay in the country to their ability to argue about principles of law which hark back to the dark ages of the Common Law in front of a Federal Court judge with too much to do and not enough ability to tweak the interpretation of the law in favour of an applicant.

Poor everyone. What a giant waste of time and resources, as well as emotion and heartache.


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