Thursday, September 01, 2005

Capital Punishment in Iraq

Simply put, what is the point? Why are we bothering to execute Iraqi criminals? I thought the invasion was meant to get rid of an oppressive regime, which murdered its citizens and 'deterred' criminals.

Of course, killing these three murderers and rapists fills the new government with legitimacy. What, are they trying to be the type of government the ordinary Iraqi people will recognise??

There is no justification for capital punishment and there is certainly no basis for arguing that it will deter people from committing rape. Surely, in such circumstances, we should be using these people as examples of the new rule of law which is percolating through the Iraqi justice system. Yes, they should rot in jail. However, by executing them, the Iraqi government is no better than its predecessor.

Jalal, if you are so against the death penalty, why don't you stand up to it? Show the Americans that Iraq has its own voice and is willing to be a part of the international community. Getting rid of awful punishment such as execution is the first step. At least that way, we can work towards establishing a functional justice system and we can get the hell out of there.


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