Thursday, July 28, 2005

Gay Marriage in Switzerland

Via Opinio Juris.

It seems Switzerland has allowed for registered partnerships for gay couples. This law falls short of full marriage rights and allows more of what we allow in Victoria, being the same financial obligations and rights, instead of the right to adopt and undergo fertility treatment.

What pleases me is the way many countries (I am thinking of Canada for example) are passing this kind of legislation without too much fuss. As I recall, Victoria had to fight fairly hard for this legislation (see Part 9 of the Property Law Act). It seems that, in the last place in the world to give the vote to women, this legislation was passed with a fairly sizeable majority.

Why do we need the hysteria that goes along with gay marriage in this country? We are far more aligned with the US, which is currently going bananas over this issue, than with Europe and progressive countries such as Canada, which seem more willing to recognise people for who and what they are or want to be.

I think it is sad that in Australia we see this whole issue as such a big deal. It isn't really. We don't need to be chest-thumpers. These rights should be available without too much of a big deal. We are currently moving in the opposite direction.


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