Thursday, January 20, 2005

'I was just following orders'

First, it was German soldiers in the Nuremberg trials. Now, its American and British soldiers in Baghdad and Basra, where they 'had' to abuse those detainees. In forcing Iraqi 'Prisoners of War' and 'terrorists' to eat meat which their religion forbids, simulate sexual acts, or just be piled on top of one another or routinely beaten, these 'honourable' soldiers were just doing their job, just following orders.

When will these twits, and their defence lawyers for that matter, realise this is just not good enough? It is a defence that will not stand, even in an American court martial. It seems obvious to me that these soldiers are pigs. To try and get a soldier off a charge like that by forwarding a defence of following orders is a grubby way to conduct a defence. 'Yes, I beat the crap out of that guy, but Rummy told me to, so it's ok'. What a load of rubbish.

Anyone found guilty of this kind of behaviour should be subjected to severe sanctions. It will never be good enough to defend oneself with a plea of 'following orders'. Although, if these are coming from Rummy, George Dubya and Gonzales, why aren't they being sanctioned as well?? Oh, that's right, the election was their 'accountability moment', at least according to George Bush. Because their actions were supported by the American people, they shouldn't have to resign.


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