Monday, January 24, 2005

Habib the unproven criminal

SMH reports here that Habib won't be able to sell his detention story to the media, under legislation designed to seize the assets of criminals. Probably a good piece of legislation - I must confess to not having read it myself. My immediate reaction to this was - he is not a criminal.

Why was Habib released? Because there was not a skerrick of evidence to show he did anything criminal. If he is a terrorist, I hope they charge him and punish him accordingly, because we cannot allow terrorism to prosper. However, he has not been shown to have done anything wrong.

The government can't say - 'Look, we can't even think what to charge you with, unlike that Mr. Hicks - we at least could make something up in his case. So, we are going to let you out - but don't sell the story because you are a criminal and we are allowed to seize the assets of criminals'. Does that seem a bit ridiculous?

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