Sunday, December 19, 2004

Hungry for change

Amanda Vanstone is 'angry' at Andrew Bartlett, because he is 'staging' a hunger strike in support of similar action by detainees at the Baxter Detention Centre. Why, because he is right?

Vanstone cites the health risks involved and accuses Bartlett of setting a bad example by this sort of protest. Isn't that the point? No other type of protest penetrates Amanda's skull and, if I were in Baxter, I would probably rather wither into a wrinkled prune and die than stay detained for no good reason.

At last a political leader in this country is showing leadership. It is sad that the Democrats waited until they were an impotent political force to take this kind of action. It just shows how few in positions of political influence in this country are willing to stand up and directly take on the government on this issue, rather than issue sound bites to the press.


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